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I, (Full names) with (Identity Number ) and (hereafter referred to as the Applicant (the singular to be inclusive of the plural) (being the person/s liable for the payment of tuition fees and / or any other amounts) residing at: (Physical Address)

Do hereby authorise LITTLE WOODS NURSERY SCHOOL (hereinafter referred to as “the School”) to confirm my credit rating for the purpose of the enrolment procedure and we ’Il hereby agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions: 

  • Little -Woods Nursery School will monitor each child’s progress and will generate report cards for parents each school term. If there is concern with a child’s progress, the school will call for a meeting with the parents to discuss and deal with the concerns. Without creating obligation from the school, it will for an initial period of one month after a new child has started at the school, endeavour to identify any physical, mental or emotional conditions that may cause difficulty or restrictions in the child’s learning ability. Should further diagnosis be required during this period, the school can arrange an appropriate assessment by a qualified professional after making the recommendation to the parents, and only after it has received a written request and consent from the parents. The cost of this same assessment will be for the parent’s account. The parents will obviously also have the right to use any appropriately suitable qualified professional of their choice and will not be obliged to use the recommended professional as suggested by the school. Although the school may be able to identify possible learning difficulties or educational needs or behavioural problems, it is not in a qualified position to diagnose the child with specific medical conditions or special needs. The School specifically draws the Parents’ attention to the fact that the School’s Facilities and resources may limit its ability to provide the necessary education and care for children with special needs. The Principle and school owners in their sole discretion reserve the right to cancel a child’s admission contract should they not be able to provide adequate care for children with special needs.
  • Should the Applicant choose to terminate the child’s enrolment at the School, the Applicant will give a full calendar months written notice to the school no later than the last day of the previous month. 
  • The Applicant and the child will be bound by all and any new rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the School as determined by the School and/or its Principal from LITTLE WOODS
  • These rules will be subject to review by management from time to time


  • I acknowledge that I am aware of and agree to the fact that the initial registration fee paid by us / me with regard to the child is non-refundable and will be forfeited in the event of our / my cancelling the registration of the child. • 
  • All tuition fees will be due and payable monthly in advance by the first day of each month with the exception of the payment of tuition fees for the first month which must be paid before the start of the first school term.
  • The Applicants will be severally liable for payment of tuition fees and / or any other amount
  • Fees are payable in advance by the first of each month. 

Without limiting or detracting from the School’s rights to enforce payment of any and all amounts due to it, the school may choose to refuse the return of the child to the school until the outstanding tuition fees are paid in full.

Account number: 020252633
Branch code: 012442
Reference: Your child’s name and surname

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