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We are a Sports Education Program designed to have FUN while getting FIT. Our lessons are age appropriate to build your child’s confidence and promote developmental growth week by week. Your child will be introduced to ALL major sports as well as some really fun stuff such as: Kick Boxing, Pilates, Speed Stacks, Drumming and much more… 

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Ball Skills, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Body Awareness, and Concentration are not neglected to promote Muscle Tone and Dynamic Skills through the use of our extensive collection of sports equipment and gym apparatus. 

Your child will experience energy packed lessons for 30 fun filled minutes once a week at their school venue.


Melany’s School of Ballet

Cost: R250 per month or R750 per term

Specially adapted classes with a “story-line” routines, aimed at being creative and enjoyable for children between the ages of 3 6 years old in an interactive and nurturing environment.

Speech Therapy – Romy Plaut

(Speech & Language Pathologist)

Cost: R360 per 30min session (Can be claimed through medical aid)

Working with a speech therapist can help your child expand the variety of communication methods used. These methods can include words, gestures, facial expressions, sign language, picture exchange. All of these methods improve your child’s ability to communicate wants, needs, feelings, and so much more.

Speech Therapy
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